Crimson Vision Technology Limited is a research-based technology company, established in February 2019, with support from the Hong Kong Government and Hong Kong Baptist University... (MORE)
We devote our efforts in developing a series of innovative, economically viable and environmentally friendly applications and technologies based on the techniques created in our laboratory - NIR imaging system... (MORE)
The core technology of Crimson Vision Technology Limited is the NIR imaging system. It can be used for detecting the invisible NIR light, and then convert and display with visible LED. This process is called "up conversion"... (MORE)
Facing a series of environmental challenges including ocean pollution, soil quality deterioration, fog and haze, and so on.

To prevent further harm to the environment, as well as to people,
normative rules and systematic monitoring techniques should be established.



Incubation Programme


Crimson Vision Technology Limited moved to Hong Kong Science and Technology Park on 31 March 2020. W...

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A-COE 2019


The R&D team of Crimson Vision Technology Limited attended the Asian Conference on Organic Elect...

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The 113th Interdisciplinary Forum of the Chinese Academy of Sciences


Prof. Zhu represented Crimson Vision Technology Limited to attend the 113th Interdisciplinary Forum ...

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