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Near infrared (NIR) light region is the spectrum area defined by wavelengths between 700nm and 2500nm. NIR is widely used in analytical science. It is accurate, fast responses, non-destructive to sample and reliable.


Up-conversion device: Seeing NIR
The core technology of Crimson Vision is NIR imaging system. An NIR imaging system, comprising an NIR light absorbing bulk heterojunction NIR charge generation layer and one light-emitting emitter (LED). It can be use for detecting the invisible NIR light, and then convert and display with visible LED. Since the absorption of NIR photons (lower energy) leads to the emission of light at shorter wavelength (higher energy) than the excitation wavelength, this process is also called "up-conversion".

Technology and Applications 
► NIR Imaging System
► NIR light absorbing material identification and NIR light positioning
► Enabling the directly conversion of incoming invisible NIR light to visible light for detecting the NIR absorbing microbeads
✔ Low cost
✔ Fast detection
✔ Light weight and portable
✔ Low power consumption
✔ Simple circuit designs and data processing