Welcome to Crimson Vision
Warm greetings from Crimson Vision! Welcome to our website.
Crimson Vision Technology Limited was established in February 2019, with support from the Hong Kong Government and HKBU. It is a research-based technology company. We devote our efforts to developing a series of innovative, economically viable and environmentally friendly applications and technologies based on the techniques created in our laboratory. The core technology behind this initiative is the near-infrared (NIR) light detection by using distinct materials and device architectures. Due to the vast potential use of NIR light across a plethora of fields, e.g. environmental sensing, wellness monitoring, bio-imaging, etc., NIR light detection plays a key role in these areas of interest.

^ Our team: Ms. Vicky Lau, Mr. Lan Zhao Jue, Prof. Furong Zhu, Ms. Crystal Lam, Dr. Li Ning (from left to right)
Our team has extensive expertise and experience across NIR technology. Professor Furong Zhu is the founder and director of Crimson Vision Technology Limited. He is also a full-time professor in the Department of Physics at the Hong Kong Baptist University, and the Associate Director of the Institute of Advanced Materials and the Director of Research Centre of Excellence for Organic Electronics currently. Ms. Lau Ying Suet and Mr. Lan Zhao Jue are the Ph.D. candidate in Prof. Zhu's group. Their research focus is on NIR light detection and imaging technologies.